Chef Maria Schmidt


18 years of culinary experiences:


  • Disney Culinary Academy, Orlando, Florida
  • Artist Pointe
    • Wilderness Lodge
    • Disney World-Orlando
  • Portofino Bay Hotel & Spa
    • Universal Studios-Orlando
  • Grand Wailea Resort and Spa
    • Maui, Hawaii


Chef Maria shares years of knowledge and experience

as chef, food & beverage manager, and restaurant manager.


As a teen, while working in her family’s deli-style restaurants, Maria quickly became intrigued with food preparation and cooking. The magic of

culinary later beckoned Maria from real estate mortgage industry to train with renowned chefs at the Disney Culinary Academy. At the academy,

Maria gained an appreciation of the culinary arts and the art of cooking.


Maria knows the measure of a great chef is in pleasing the most discerning critic...even the youngest one. A mother of two young daughters, Maria recognizes children show an interest

in cooking at a very young age.


Let Chef Maria guide your child’s culinary

journey...including food recognition and appreciation, dining etiquette, healthy eating, helping you in the kitchen, beginning cooking..maybe a

future culinary artist!!